avialytics’ products are focused on specific needs of the aviation industry.

Information, data and knowledge captured from various sources and stored in the data warehouse (DWH) and operational data store (ODS) components of the aviaRepository can be accessed and utilized in a variety of ways.

  • InfoBOX

    avialytics’ InfoBOX is the primary user interface to present subsets of these contents to dedicated user groups performing specific tasks within and around an airline organization, including flight ops, ground ops, flight crew, catering, etc.

  • InfoBOX.web

    avialytics’ InfoBOX.web is the web based interface to the aviaRepository dedicated and customized for Station & Ground Operation, Ground Handling, Ground Transportation, external Catering, etc.

  • InfoBOX.iPad

    avialytics’ InfoBOX.iPad synchronizes with the aviaRepository to provide InfoBOX information online and offline on iPad devices primarily for Flight Crews. It can be integrated in third vendor EFB solutions.

  • Flight SafetyBOX & Flight Safety Analyzer

    avialytics’ Flight SafetyBOX and the Flight Safety Analyzer are standalone applications utilizing all safety relevant data in the aviaRepository along with other data sources to enable a closed loop proactive management and to follow up on information that might have an impact on flight safety, including a double loop learning process for safety improvement measures.

  • Jumpseater Management System

    avialytics’ Jumpseater Management System is a product to manage the jumpseater handling of a cargo airline, including the profiling and booking process through a dedicated website, multiple approval processes for different eligibility levels (e.g. Sponsor, PIC, and OCC) and the issuing of tickets and travel information.