avialytics Business Intelligence solutions evolve your aviation data processes from visual to instrument.

  • Navigate in and control challenging environments
  • Optimize for best performance
  • Utilize information based on consolidated “single version of truth”
  • Integrate external solutions

The individual solutions are based on a set of application components and developed to model aviation business scenarios.

iStock_000019252181XSmallThe core of the avialytics solutions is the aviaRepository which holds historic and current business information in a single data store. To extract, normalize and cleanse the data from a wide range of operational systems on the one hand, and then to deliver the information to reporting or analysis tools on the other, various aviaAgents are utilized. aviaApps are specialized tools for specific tasks or workflows, including approval and handling processes. To visualize the information stored in the aviaRepository, a variety of aviaDashboards are available. The dashboards aggregate and display information in the form of graphs, tables, gauges, and performance indicators to analyze business performance and enable profound business decision-making.