July Flight Safety Analyzer: Redesign for ESC
May Crew Catering App 3.0
(allergen, meal preferences, change detection after order)
April Ops Board Prototype
March Airport CCI Document Maintenance Prototype
January Crew Passport Review & Confirmation App
November Participation in the Aviation Data Symposium 2017 in Miami
September Fatigue Risk & Crew Strain Monitoring
July Fatigue Capture App 1.0
April Jumpseater Management Tool: Catering Order Option
January Release: Data Management Application 2.0
December Crew Catering App 2.0
November Jettainer: SQL Server 2016 data warehouse prototype
September Travel Expense Portal & Crew Expense Handling Application
March Infobox Release: Overfly Permission Management 1.2
December Infobox Release: Crew Rest Reporting
September Jumpseater Management Tool Release 3.1
July Infobox Release: Overfly Permission Management
April AeroLogic: High Availability SQL Server 2014 GoLive
March Infobox Release: Crew Catering Application
January Infobox Release: Ground Handling
September Jumpseater Management Tool Release 2.1
June Infobox Release: Crew Planning Features 2.0
April Jumpseater Management Tool Release 2.0
February Release of Flight Safety Analyzer 1.0
August Release of Flight Safety Analyzer Prototype
& Flight Safety BOX beta 1 with live data
April avialytics Airline Management Cockpit
February Flight Safety Analyzer Prototype
December Release of iPad Infobox App
September Jumpseater Management Tool Release 1.2
July 6th avialytics-webtelligence cup
May Infobox Release 1.2
February Presentation at the SQL Server Launch 2012 in Cologne:

“Business Intelligence in the Aviation Industry –

Examples with prospects to SQL Server 2012”

January Jettainer: SQL Server 2012 GoLive with 1st Application
November Jumpseater Management Tool Release 1
October Jettainer: SQL Server 2012 data warehouse and reporting prototype
September avialytics Infobox Airline Flight Information System Release 1
August avialytics Data Warehouse and Operational Datastore Release 1
July Business Kickoff (webtelligence spin-off)