According to statistics, IFR is significantly safer than VFR because standardized tools and procedures are used, and human factors are enabled and focused on efficient decision making.
Centralized Data Warehouse and Operational Data Store for consolidated airline information (Operation, Finance, HR,...) provides a single version of the truth. read more
Centralized enhanced and extended Data Capture Agents to retrieve information from various sources like ACARS Message, SAP, SITA Messages, Flight Ops and Crew Systems. read more
Dedicated solution for specific tasks like Cosmic Radiation Reporting, Jumpseater Management, EU-ETS Reporting, etc., based on data provided by the aviaRepository. read more
Role-based presentation layer to present relevant information to the right user at the right time utilizing reports, dynamic components, KPIs, drilldown and decomposition. read more

Information flyers for quick portfolio overview

Information flyers for quick portfolio overview Our hot off the press information flyers from the Aviation Data Symposium 2017: Flight SafetyAnalyzer Fatigue Risk & Crew Strain Monitoring On-Time-Performance & Delay Impact Management Travel Expense App Jumpseater Booking WebApp And our detailed information flyer for the Crew Catering App

Application Components

avialytics Business Intelligence solutions evolve your aviation data processes from visual to instrument.

  • Navigate in and control challenging environments
  • Optimize for best performance
  • Utilize information based on consolidated “single version of truth”
  • Integrate external solutions

The individual solutions are based on a set of application components and developed to model aviation business scenarios.