Introducing an innovative way to allow cargo airlines to manage and approve jumpseats and to self-service off-duty travelers. avialytics Jumpseater management solution provides access to available flights for eligible personnel, allows them to select multiple booking options, and checks the required documents and triggers the mandatory approval process. Once a seat is assigned, jumpseaters can access their tickets and relevant airport and safety documents along with a booking receipt through the web-based booking portal. With the Jumpseater webApp, the jumpseater on a cargo airline experiences a first-class booking service including individual catering. For the operator, the solution reduces overhead and saves money and resources.


• Multiple routing and booking options
• Electronic Pilot in Command (PIC) and
management approval
• Check and handling of operator and legal
• Reduced operator workload and chance of error
• Transparent booking and TIX assignment
• History and analytics

How it Works:

4. Request Flight

• Jumpseater will be able to filter flights based on
availability, priority and individual restrictions (i.e.
direct and connecting flights include layover and
seat availability).
• Sponsorship approval can be mandated and
monetary benefit will be calculated.



5. Approval TIX-Assignment Process 

• PIC (pilot in command), management and O CC
approval, text, web.
• The jumpseater’s ticket is issued once the request is
approved. With the pilots, the airline management
teams and the portal’s own algorithms working
in concert, the restrictions / availability / priority
conflicts / and proper documentation will be
reviewed on three different levels before the
jumpseater is granted passage.
• avialytics’ AIR background processes monitor any
crew or aircraft changes and notify the jumpseater
of delays and travel updates. If relevant, the
necessary immigration processes are triggered.
• Optional introduction of sponsorship configuration
and management for private jumpseating.
• Jumpseater receives arrival/departure airport
information, self-briefing documentation and any
tax or monetary benefit receipt(s).
• The jumpseater’s ticket is available via the
jumpseater web portal, e-mail or by request from
the OCC.

6. In Web Portal

.The jumpseater may:
• Order individual catering for their flights (if
available), review booking history, manage or
update personal data and documents, request
login extension and privileges.



Behind the Scenes

  • Personal and third-party data and documents are used
    throughout this process, e.g. ID cards, approval/rejection
    emails, self-briefing documents, arrival/departure
    procedures and disclaimers. Digitized processes pull
    real-time information e.g. flight schedules, aircraft
    status and crew files. They also consume data being
    collected by the application to create near-instant and
    highly automated feedback loops.
  • Jumpseater Reporting
    avialytics provides continuous data mapping, multidimensional
    analytics and a variety of jumpseater reports — all
    integrated into the Airline Performance Dashboard.



Business Benefits

avialytics’ jumpseater application gives off-duty crews
and eligible third parties the opportunity to place a flight
request without tangling with the OCC. All necessary
personal information and documents are submitted and
validated beforehand. Booking overviews are available
to the jumpseater and the airline 24/7. Pilot in Command
and management can respond to a jumpseater’s request
with one click — an approval or denial.
The automation of this process saves time, resources, and
frustration for jumpseaters and the OCC.
• Automatic application of rules
• Generation of internal and official documents
• Integration of operational systems throughout the process