Easy, transparent, paperless department operations tool for day-to-day airline operation task and information management.

In the dynamic and high-stakes world of aviation, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. OpsTaskBoard is the task organization system specifically designed to elevate your team’s productivity to new heights. Say goodbye to operational complexities and hello to streamlined efficiency on the ground and in the skies! OpsTaskBoard offers an intuitive dashboard tailored for the unique needs of commercial aviation. Easily prioritize, assign, and monitor tasks related to flight operations, maintenance, ground services, crew planning, and so much more. OpsTaskBoard allows tasks to be shared, given deadlines, and monitored throughout the completion process.

Benefits and Features:

  • Event-Driven Task Generation
  • Task & Workflow Management
  • Relevant information at your fingertips (reduce Calls)
  • Information-enriched repetitive tasks
  • Complex – Multi Board Process Support (Special Occurrence)
  • Inter Department Collaboration Tool (Share, Move, Delegate)
  • Change /Update Tracking
  • Shift: Mandatory items, Documentation & Handover
  • Lessons learned / Archive

How it Works:

The OpsTaskBoard portal allows tasks to be organized within each department called ‘Boards’. This is the homescreen for OpsTaskBoard.

Within the Board, tasks can be monitored throughout their completion. Tasks are moved by the team they are assigned to as they are worked on. Tasks can also be filtered by keyword or by type. Digital checklists are created for each task to ensure the Team has all information required for the event.

Task creation is efficient and seamless. Each task can be given a priority level, time constraint, shared with the proper department, and include comments and attachments for any other required information.

Within the Material Request feature, parts can be requested for a specific aircraft and location. This request is sent out to the suppliers for that region, who can either deny or fulfill the request.

Special Occurrences can be created for any issues, diversions, or delays that may arise. Tasks can be generated for the Special Occurrence, and may be viewed from the homepage as well.

Visit our YouTube for a How To of OpsTaskBoard: