About avialytics

According to statistics, IFR is significantly safer than VFR because standardized tools and procedures are used, and human factors are enabled and focused on efficient decision making.

For flying and navigating an aircraft, two different sets of procedures have been established:

Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Flying VFR is limited to good weather conditions, restricted to certain air spaces and solely the responsibility of the pilot who mainly utilizes visual references.

Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR)

Within operational limitations, there are no weather restrictions for flying IFR. The pilot plans and conducts the flight in close communication with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and mainly relies on their instruments.

aviation analytics through data analysis

Transferred to business analysis:

If most of the decisions are made intuitively and the analysis includes a small amount of data and few isolated tools, the company is in VFR. Success relies solely on the competence and experience of the decision maker. Successful operations cannot be reproduced or transferred to other people. Lessons learned from problems and failures as well as root cause analyses are hardly possible due to lack of structure, documentation and context.

  • avialytics’ objective is to help the aviation industry to move their data and information handling, as well as business decision-making to IFR by:
    • implementing a single data store containing all relevant information
    • capturing data from various operational systems
    • data providing consistent, transparent information for further processing
    • near real-time data handling and analyzing for efficient decision-making
    • reporting relevant information to the right person proactively when needed or on demand
    • documentation, data quality control and knowledge-building

avialytics consulting, data warehouse and specialized solutions are designed to enable knowledge workers to trust the numbers, establish rules and to efficiently and consistently produce successful results.