Travel Expense App

Crew Members can now submit travel expenses easily and instantly. A receipt‘s data and image can now be captured at the same time an invoice is filed and assigned to a rotation or as a non-related expense and transmitted instantly or later if off the grid. By combining submitted data with company data from automated preprocessing travel policy rules are enforced, with inconsistencies or false claims being flagged automatically.

The bill of expenses, consisting of corresponding form-data and receipt images, is sent for factual audit to Crew Planning where any expense is verified. Thereby compliance with company’s travel policy is reviewed, automatic adjustments checked and approved by a human employee. Once approved, the data packet is sent to Accounting where the travel expense will be logged, a refund issued, and the entire transaction archived. Besides approval, multiple reject and inquiry scenarios can be initiated.

How It Works:

• Travel Expense App for iPad App or Traveler Portal

• Crew Members submit their receipts and create a
bill of expense.
• Users can easily upload receipts via camera photo
or scan.
• Every single receipt during a travel can be captured
instantly and sent later when travel is finished.

  • Pre Processing
  • Import of company’s invoices from e.g. AMEX, Sixt,
    etc. with automatic determination if employee and
    rotation related and if so automatically assigned
  • Manual assignment of travel related expenses that
    were not automatically matched.
  • Document Typist
    Guarantee existence and quality of documents
  • Upload mailed-in receipts to matching traveler/

•Factual Audit

  • Validate filed expenses against image of paper
  • Validate expenses against company travel policy
    and amounts reduced where applicable
  • Approved bill of expense will be forwarded to
    Accounting; rejected travel expenses will trigger an
    automatic Traveler notification.
  • Accounting
  • Validate receipts regarding formal requirement
  • Parse paper receipts and their resultant taxes based
    on location, amount, goods/services, etc.
  • Record expenses to company’s financial accounts
    and cost centers
  • Issue refunds to Crew Members and initialize
    transfer to accounting system