Ops Task Board

Easy, transparent, paperless department operations tool for day-to-day airline operation task and information management.

Portal View

The main interface of the OTB is the portal view. This dashboard displays all task boards and special occurrences, offering users a comprehensive overview. It also provides access to general settings, allowing for adjustments to adapt to different operational needs.

The Board

The Kanban board in the Ops Task Board (OTB) is a dynamic tool designed to facilitate task management and coordination across various departments within airline operations. It allows teams to visualize tasks as they move through different stages of completion, enhancing collaboration without losing track of the overall workflow.

The board is crucial for smooth shift changes, as it highlights key tasks, ensuring report relevant tasks passed on through shift reports.

The Task

The Ops Task Board (OTB) offers a robust Task Card feature that enhances task management within airline operations. This feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with various data sources through the Airline Information Repository (AIR), ensuring that essential tasks are not overlooked despite the continuous influx of data from different systems.

Special Occurence

The Special Occurrence feature within the Ops Task Board (OTB) is tailored to manage complex tasks that require extensive collaboration across multiple departments. Unlike standard tasks, these special occurrences often involve intricate scenarios such as aircraft on ground (AOG), diversions, or technical issues that demand a coordinated response from several teams.

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