Safety and Training Management Solutions

Commercial aviation is considered the safest form of transportation, a status achieved by eliminating or mitigating nearly all simple and mono-causal threats. Avialytics’ Flight Safety Analyzer (FSA) employs a systemic, multi-dimensional approach, combining safety information from multiple sources such as FDM/FOQA, weather, maintenance, ATC, operational performance, and training. This approach identifies potential hazards, safety trends, and classifies risks for appropriate actions.

Recognizing that training is the most effective way to mitigate risks in airline operations, avialytics developed its solution for evidence-based training (EBT) using a greenfield approach. This development was carried out in close collaboration with an airline, considering current regulations, best practices from ICAO and IATA, and state-of-the-art research. By designing tailored training components and utilizing operational data to measure training effectiveness, avialytics uniquely closes the loop for continuous improvement and crew development.

Airline Operation Management Solutions

Our mission is to transform aviation data into actionable insights. By integrating data from nearly a hundred diverse sources into avialytics’ Airline Information Repository (AIR), we provide enriched information access through the AirPortal and streamline scheduled and event-driven tasks in the Ops Task Board (OTB). This is our commitment to advancing the digitization of the airline industry. Enhanced with cutting-edge analytic tools, including AI technologies and dedicated mobile applications, avialytics offers a continuously evolving solution platform for airline operation management.