Crew Training – The most effective and flexible way to mitigate safety risks

On October 1st AeroLogic, a Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express joint venture operating 21 Boeing 777 freighter planes, kicked off the initial iteration of their newly developed Evidence Based Training (EBT). The training management and grading solution and most importantly the analytic database for this program is provided by avialytics GmbH – aviation analytics.
While the training app is minimal invasive to the training execution allowing the TRE/TRI to maximize their focus on observing and mentoring the trainees, so called TEM-Marker (Threat&Error-Management) can be easily attached to training elements and enriched with observable behaviors (OB) and individual notes to provide performance insights.
This solution is targeted to close the link between the evidence generated during flight operations and the resilience of the flight crew, developed throughout the training progress.
In order to achieve this, the following steps are relevant:
1.    Generate evidence from flight ops (e.g. FDM triggers, observations …).
2.    Identify potential safety risks and threats.
3.    Design a training scenario to address those risks (in addition to ensuring all training elements mandated by the regulatory authority or company requirements are addressed for all crew members).
4.    Execute tailored EBT sessions.
5.    Monitor the development (improvement) of the underlying patterns (flight ops performance data [1.]) of flight crews that have been trained accordingly.

This closes the loop by either achieving the intended results and/or by providing additional evidence to modify the training scenario. All this can be achieved without disclosing the anonymity of the individual crew. To further improve the training program and making this a double-loop learning process, the TEM-marker and OBs recorded throughout the trainings can be put into relation with observations and FDM-triggers from the line operation.

I like to thank our team and especially the AeroLogic’s EBT working group members for this thorough and productive collaboration. The project also benefits greatly from the experience of an early adaptor and longtime EBT implementor shared by Etihad Aviation Training. Very much looking forward to pushing the limits in being agile and truly evidence-based to improve safety even further.

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