Join us for a webinar on July 2, 2020 at 09:00 EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in circumstances where States have provided alleviations to existing regulations for Operators enabling ongoing operations during this time. This has ranged from extended flight and duty-time limitations, extended licenses, and deferred training, just to name a few.

As some of these operations are beyond current operational experience with little or no evidence as to their safety implications, it is particularly important for States and Operators to ensure the fatigue risk is managed in a way that supports adequate crew performance and recovery.

This webinar will focus on managing fatigue risks faced by an industry returning to more normal operations and how data-driven decisions are a key component of overall flight safety.

You’ll hear about:

  • Transition between Special Ops and Normal Ops
    Presenter: Michelle Millar
    Technical Officer, Human Performance
    International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Compounded Risk with COVID-19
    Presenter: Cherie Love
    Principal Advisor, Fatigue Risk Management
    Qantas Group Aviation Medical and Health Services
  • Data- driven Fatigue Management
    Presenter: Bjoern Hennig
    avialytics GmbH

Note: This is the second webinar in the set of two with the first one led by ICAO at 09:00 on 30 June, focusing on the responsibilities of States and Operators related to extended COVID-19 “special operations”, including the need for enhanced monitoring. If you wish to register for the first session, please go to this link.

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