Crew Catering App


Reduced Cost
Reduced Waste
Personalized Food Choices

Airlines are relieved of their responsibility to organize and order food for sky-bound employees.

Crew members are invited to choose their own meals, rather than stomach preselected standard options.

Caterers benefit from longer lead times for fulfillment as well as easy-to-understand data around consumer behavior and demands.

  • Benefits range from the executive suite to the cockpit:
    • reduced food waste
    • significantly reduced cost
    • increased choices
    • increased nutritional transparency
    • higher morale

So when we say you’ve only seen the tip of what we can do, it would benefit you to grasp exactly how high the ceiling of our capabilities flies. By all means, test drive our app. Save money. Waste less. While we’re discussing the specs, feel free to air other grievances, issues or opportunities that you think are going unresolved or overlooked. avialytics has the systems, scale, and expertise to improve any situation.