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avialytics’ products are focused on specific needs of the aviation industry.

Fatigue Risk and Crew Strain Monitoring

Get an insight into
– Fatigue Evaluation
– Roster Robustness
– Performance Indicators

Ops Task Board

The Ops Task Board (OTB) is designed to enhance task management within airline operations. It supports the organization and execution of a wide range of tasks, from simple to complex and from manually to automatically generated.

Jump Seater Web Booking App

A product that manages the jumpseater handling of a cargo airline. It includes the profiling and booking process through a dedicated website, multiple approval levels (e.g. Sponsor, PIC, and OCC) and the issuing of tickets and associated travel information.

Crew Catering App

“Personalized Food for Less”

Travel Expense App

“Paperless, Strictly Defined Workflow”.

On-Time-Performance and Delay Impact

Delay Request Handling
Delay Refinement
Root Cause Analytics
Gross and Net Reporting