OTP & Delay Impact Management


Delay Request Handling
Delay Refinement
Root Cause Analytics
Gross and Net Reporting

Not every delay is created equal. In some cases, a delay is acceptable or even desirable under specific conditions. It’s not only the number of minutes which turns a late arrival into a relevant delay. Rather, the real impact on the organizations’ schedule as well as implicated fuel consumptions, crew rotation etc. should be considered.

What if your plane is ten hours delayed, but all your cargo arrives at its final destination on time? Conversely, who is liable if a 10-minute delay, defined as being On-Time, causes 30% of the PAX to miss their connecting flights? Will you measure a station’s tardiness by total sum of delayed minutes, or do you differentiate between net and gross delays, taking into consideration reactionaries or root causes? How does your organization learn from historic events, and how are the analytics results used?

avialytics’ On-Time-Performance / Delay Impact Management (OTP-DIM) software allows operators to predict and control these and other aviation-scheduling situations that may arise. It visualizes the impact of a potential delay and aids economic decisions regarding additional fuel costs and/or the acceptance of a delay to serve a greater good.

  • Benefits:
    • Offers best-practices scheduling and delay Management
    • Enables conscious and proactive delay decisions
    • Saves time and resources
    • Offers better visibility around recurring issues
    • Allows root cause analytics and follow up
    • Simplifies the controllers’ reaction process