Jumpseater Booking WebApp


Innovative way to allow cargo Airlines
to manage and approve Jumpseats
and to self-service passengers.

avialytics Jumpseater Management solution provides access to available flights for eligible personnel and families, allows them to select multiple booking options, checks the required documents and triggers the mandatory approval process. Once a seat is assigned, the passenger can access his tickets and relevant airport and safety documents along with a booking receipt through the web-based Booking Portal. With the Jumpseater webApp, the passenger of a cargo airline experiences a first-class booking service including individual catering. For the operator, the solution reduces overhead and saves money and resources.

  • Benefits:
    • Multiple routing and booking options
    • Electronic Pilot in Command (PIC) and Management approval
    • Check and handling of operator and legal restrictions
    • Reduced operator workload and chance of error
    • History and analytics